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got some cool new shrimps at my local auction/show


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Picked up some new females for my boys to play with :D


here's some pics of them acclimating in the breeder box.

this is panda mamma....yep she's berried!  and a very nice deep blue orange eyed tiger

I think it might be a female which works out as I lost my big gal recently.


this one is a cool looking hino


Panda mamma just hanging out


Some of the CBS are more blue than black and middle one is berried too.

All in all I got 4 berried CBS, 1 berried Panda King Kong, and 1 very nice OEBT

and some neat young Black Mosuras.   These will cross nicely with my CWB and Black Pinto

headed boys.



total cost for 20 shrimp $30 US.  I pays to go to Auctions.

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Check out your local aquarium clubs/societies in your area or surrounding area.  This is what we do here, the Aquarium clubs hold their own auctions twice a year and have since started to hold shows.  Prize money is $15 for 1st, $10 for 2nd and $5 for 3rd place with a certificate.  If you win Best in Show its $50 or a gift certificate from one of the sponsers to use on fish stuff.


I won 1st place, 2nd and 3rd this year with my Blue Diminitus crayfish female, and 2 of my shrimps.


You get to buy used equipment, new equipment, plants, food, accessories fish, shrimps, crays etc

from hobbyists themselves and better prices than what you pay in the local LFS.


I won a Fluval Ebi tank complete for $40 US which retails at over a $100 here.  Most of my plants

and tanks have been picked up at some of these auctions....you can't beat them!   Contact your local

aquarium clubs and get in on the forums/websites.

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