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RCS with some spots/sparkles?


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Is this spotty sparkle coloration on this rcs normal? This is the first one I have found in my tank like this. It is probably my lowest quality cherry in that tank so is that why? Fyi there was no flash used just a couple T5 bulbs. Thanks.


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Yepper, wild var- however I encourage you to try to start a strain of them.  Why?  Although I have seen the white bars on the backs of wild cherries, I have never seen the sparkles down the sides or legs. This leads me to believe you have a wild mutation that the white has NOT limited itself to the back.  *salivate*


This is very much the same way the red shrimp started.  Breeding for more and more red dots until we have the ultimate reds of today.


*If* you can carry through the trait to a strain, there are some shrimpers (myself included) that would attempt to create the next step- a low grade white cherry.  We know from there it can also be selectively bred for better coverage.


BTW, this is also similar to how the higher grades of crs started as well.


So in short, you may have the makings of the next great color in your hands!  Be careful with it, and breed it well so the rest of us can continue to work on your shrimp too.

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