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Shrimp and Snails

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I have an established 10 gallon planted tank that I added 4 amano shrimp to it. I also have mts and ramshorn snails in it.

Since I have been successful with keeping the shrimp alive, I would lke to try my hand at some of the colorful ones.

I have some cholla, indian almond leaves, elder cones, mineral balls and bee balls on their way.

I will be ordering my shrimp in the next couple days [emoji2]


Will my amano shrimp coexist with the blue velvets and tangerine tigers I am getting?

Is it ok to keep the ramshorn and mts in there? The snails won't prey on the shrimplets, will they?

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Amanos wont hurt the other shrimp .  The problem might be in feeding.  I had Amanos in with my fish and they were voracious eaters and food stealers.  I had a difficult time getting any wafers to my bottom feeders because the amanos would just pic them up and run away with them.   I guess if I had amano in with my regular shrimp I would change to powered type food  or crush up the pellets. 


The snails you have won't hurt your shrimp either.   

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Thanks Jadenlea!

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