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white fuzz like stuff on shrimp

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Fungal infection caused by Achlya or Saprolegnias. Too bad she's berried. Apparently it happens if the momma doesn't fan the eggs enough and fungus takes hold. Can also take hold after molt when the immune system is weak.

Isolate and use JBL Fungol or similar fungus med. Fungol is not technically invert safe but others have had success with it. Disinfect any tools that came in contact with the shrimp.

You should take a look at your tank hygiene and parameters.

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Ugh - great :(  Thank you though, I culled her out of panic, so now it is time to take a look at the tank and clean so tools. I have a feeling this could have come from someone I recently got some blues from (not anyone on here). After I put the new blues in the tank I was told they were imported but had been quarantined first. It was a local person (not an LFS) so I didn't even think to ask first.


I am going to put a bunch of IAL and alder cones in this morning before work.

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I just treated the tank with kanaplex and I'm going to do a water change this weekend and then redose to hopefully stop it from spreading to the others. The tangerine tigers and blues I got from Steve (on this forum) all look fine though. They are a bit freaked out because I netted them up against the glass and used a magnifying glass and flashlight (with my son's help) to check on them.


Gads... how do you folks deal with all the issues? :(

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Well I did 2 treatments and I have so many IALs in there it looks like mood lighting with the lights on, lol.  It's been 3 days. Bad news, I lost every one of the blues I got from a local person. Good news.. all tangerine tigers and the 3 blues that Steve gave me are all doing well and showing no signs! I also did a water change this weekend.


Side note - 4 new berried snowballs in the main tank (original stock) and 2 berried in the 2nd snowball tank with part my stock part another stock


Keeping my fingers crossed, but at least this is progress!

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