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you like it in red or orange?


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these are 3 different moss species that are red or orange out of a sum of over 300 living in in this region. and i managed to get them.


now i am testing them hoping that they will be ok completely submerged (tests are running now in 3 different tanks at some friends of mine).


they live in water but i am not perfectly sure that they would accept tank conditions in total submersion. i will update the informations like i did also at the purple angel moss. hope these will fitt even better. I will give also their latin names, i already know what they are, only it is not that interesting if untill i can be sure that they are suitable for regular tanks.


i have about 20 other green mosses that are new for our hobby coming from streams but these months i will focus on the fissidens species and on the red mosses like these.


for wabikusa these red mosses are good for sure, only for regular tanks i have to wait and see and check.


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hi there


after 4 weeks of testing some red mosses i can see following happenings:


- about all red mosses started green new endings (i wait for another moss that i recently received, in that case it is not perfectly clear how it will develop), with one exception, one moss has green leaves but red/brown stems.


- some interesting pellias that were in the same tank growd very nice ( i think these 2 species are pellia gabriniana and pellia endiviifolia)


- also brachytecium seems to grow nicely and fast.


- scapania undulata changed from dark red to almost black, lives submerged and has green new endings


- i tested an undetermined sphagnum species that had some reddish in it, not only some small new ending live, they are obvously new, but the red nice tissue seems to have died.


so, here the pitures from that tank.









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