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Amanos climbing out!


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I have read in the past about Amano shrimp climbing out of their tanks, but I really didn't think it would happen to me. Just found a dried up shrimp 20 feet away from my tank :(


I have a glass cover on the tank, but there is a small (~1"x10") open strip at the back for the HOB filter outflow, heater, and an automatic fish feeder.


Any ideas how I can cover that strip but still allow water and small food bits to fall through???

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Yep - definitely a few possible causes:

  • My cory catfish pair have been laying eggs every other day, swimming around like maniacs with the male chasing the female, disrupting everything in their way.
  • Added 4 small black neons on Sunday (to my existing group of 3).
  • Nitrates went up over 40 yesterday (!), so I did a 30% water change last night. Was planning to do another today.

(There may actually be 2 Amanos missing - started with 4 in the tank, could only count 3 for the past week or so, and now since I found the dead one I can only find 2 in the tank. It is a heavily planted tank, though, so we may still have 3 in there. My guess is one died/disappeared about a week ago, and this new escapee is from last night after the water change.)

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The food is the New Life Spectrum Thera A small fish formula.

Supposedly 0.5mm pellets, but they seem larger to me.


I could go to home depot/Lowes today - what should I look for exactly? And would you just tape it to the tank and lid, letting the water flow right through and make a minimal cutout for the heater?

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