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It's like Christmas, CRS and Royal Blue Tigers arrived today!


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If only every day could start this way. Stopped to get the mail on my way home from work this morning and found 2 lovely packages awaiting me.


Number 1. Some beautiful and HUGE CRS from DETAquarium! They are happily acclimating to the new tank, and my afternoon is gone watching them! Thank you!!

Number 2. Royal Blue Tigers! I didn't fully grasp the scope of how gorgeous they are, until now. I have other OEBT whom I love, but wow MAJOR difference. They are Stellar! I cannot wait until they get bigger!

Just a wonderful start to my otherwise very dreary day. 


The icing on the cake - tomorrow I should have a package from H4n with new goodies for both new broods!  


Who would have thought shrimp would bring so much Zen? I like it, a lot! 


Addiction, what addiction?  :P

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Once I get them acclimated and get some color back I'll be sure to take lots!

The Royals look like they didn't lose any, so I'm really excited to see how they turn out.

Haha! It's pretty darn entertaining, even my dogs like to sit or lay and look into the tanks. The puggle especially, he pretty much lives in front of them.

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Glad they made is safe and sound, look forward to the pictures. Thanks again!

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