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How to setup a crs tank

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So all orange rili is dead from parasite and I getting a another tank to give it a try again but this time I am trying crs instead I have ro water ada soil and gh+ and plant already what else to I need to get this tank going

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Use Controsoil instead of ADA soil


I use RO water from beginning.

4.25" cube sponge filter from Angelfish plus.


1. Tank 20 Long

2. Lights, any 10W LED x2

3. ControSoil 1/4 bag

4. RO water

5. SaltyShrimp Bee GH+

6. 4.25" cube sponge filter from Angelfish plus

7. air pump (Tetra Whisper 10)

8. Timer

9. Moss

10. Seachem Stability

11. API GH/KH test kit

12. TDS meter

13. AquaClear 50

14. Filter Max III pre-filter

15. Eheim bioballs

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If you use the same tank and equipment as you used for your parasite-infected tank, I would treat everything with diluted bleach overnight and then rinse everything thoroughly.

If you find parasite infected shrimps in the future, I would cull them immediately.

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