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sulawesi cardinals

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just thought i would share some news...


this beautiful species has truly arrived on the shrimp scene in australia.. they may have been around for a ltitle while before now but very very rare!!


anyways.. seems 3 juvies (i assume this means unsexed) auctioned in a private FB group just went for $800 ea. .. i guess that is about $600 USD depending where the exchange rate is at these days


i'm looking forward to the price dropping a bit before i invest in them i think.


i am flabbergasted to say the least esp. as they are juvies and could turn out all to be boys but  it isn't all that surpising considering how extreme our quarantine/customs is here. (unless you are johnny depp and you put your dogs on a private plane i suppose)


love n peace



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That is ridiculous! $1800USD for 3 of such a sensitive shrimp, that you will never see because they hide all the time. 3 isn't even enough to start a colony in any reasonable amount of time, that's if he keeps them all alive.


Waste of money IMO... but some people just have too much of it. 

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