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Newbie to nanos, shrimp, AND live plants


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We have had a 20 gallon long tank for 9 years, originally stocked with glowlight tetras, ADFs, and oto-cats. We didn't restock as they passed away, so what's currently living in the tank is a 9 year old oto-cat. This was started as my son's tank - it's in his room, and my husband has mentioned several times that he'd love to have an aquarium that's "ours" - but only if it were smaller, and less fussy to care for.


Just within the past week, we have started looking into what a low-fuss, tiny aquarium might actually look like, and it would seem that what we are considering creating is a low-light planted 3-6 gallon nano tank with a few shrimp, and some marimo moss balls. So far our research has included hunting the internet for photos & information, and visiting two different pet stores to get a feel for general size/shape of aquariums.


Any and ALL help would be greatly appreciated! While I can't show an aquarium, I do have a Pinterest board that shows the beginnings of our quest for plantings and tanks. The link is here: https://www.pinterest.com/mamahousemouse/nano-time/



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Welcome! We are glad to have you. You are on the right path, research is a must. Ideally you will probably be keeping a Neocaridina species as your first shrimp. They seem to be the easiest to care for simply because you don't need a buffering/active substrate, and they are a little less picky when it comes to overall water parameters.


Research Neocaridina shrimp, such as the Red Cherry Shrimp, Blue Velvet, Red/Blue/Carbon Rili Shrimp, these would be a great starter shrimp. Be sure to include in your research the water parameters and conditions best suited for them, and how to test for these. 


Hope this helps!

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Yeah, when I was first researching, I kept reading about moss balls and how great they were for shrimp. Now that I have tried moss balls and other mosses (christmas, etc), I'd say hands down that other mosses are much more utilized by my shrimp (neos).

Looked at your board (good idea!); remember that you can (generally) only have one color of neos in a tank.

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