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Question for auto top off users


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How often do you clean/sterilize your top water container?  


I have been told by a reliable source that bad stuff will eventually grow in a container with just RO water.  Keeping the water moving with an air stone is suppose to help but it doesn't stop it.  I would appreciate any advice/comments.  Thanks :).

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depends on the container. if you use a container no light can penetrate then nothing will grow inside.  for example.

I have 2 of those 55G blue food grade containers. 1 in my shrimp room in a dark corner near the sink that collects RO water and I have the 2nd outside the room which collects the RO unit waste water.  Because this one is located outside and exposed to the sun, even this blue container i can see some algae growing on the inside. no big deal since this is used to water plants and such. at some point i'll probably make a bamboo fence around it with some plants to hide it. but low on the list. 

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