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Did I pick the wrong substrate?

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I'm reading everywhere that Controsoil is the way to go for CRS breeding tanks. However, I already have black sand (yes, I feel silly now) as the substrate in my planted 20g. Exactly how important is it to have a good substrate like Controsoil, as adverse to sand?


If I want to add Controsoil to a tank that already has shrimp in it, will it be a danger to the shrimp? Can I gradually mix it in with the sand in small increments? What's my best course of action?


Thanks in advance! :)

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Controsoil used in Bee shrimp tank is to buffer the pH to desire range.


Inert substrate like black sand can't

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i went with Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit Plant Substrate, no ammonia and super clean. also, no shrimp death when i added into my bare bottom tank. but require ro/di water to keep ph low. 


controsoil makes the soil for brightwell. so very similar. I believe brightwell adds something but not sure what.

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Just a heads up on adding controsoil to existing tanks. I just set up two ten gallon tanks with controsoil that leached ammonia for two months. It wasn't quite as bad as ADA but bad enough.

I also set up two ten gallon tanks with controsoil and didn't have any ammonia leach. So that's interesting.

Do you know what your ph is garlands? And do you already have shrimp in the tank?

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