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Feeding shrimp

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maybe like 5-6 big enough that I can see I have that hikaria shrimp food the smaller pellets that the babies seem to be doing fine and I also have a little larger pellet that I tos in there for the bigger ones too.  I do a small pinch for the hikaria and 1-2 pellets every 3 days since I have a med planted tank 4 small swords a large sword and 2/3 anbuias.

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Honestly when diagnosing how often and how much to feed your shrimp, we need to know a few variables. How many shrimp do you have and how large is your aquarium?


I usually feed my larger colonies 50+ shrimp Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3/4 of a stick/pad/etc. My smaller colonies of 15-30 shrimp I usually feed Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1/4 of a stick/pad/etc.


All of my aquariums are 17.1g and I occasionally feed them Mulberry, Amaranth, and/or Snowflake on the weekends (once a month).

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