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Dwarf Shrimps at Aquarium Design Group (January GHAC/Texas Aquatics/South Texas Area Shrimp Hobbyist Meeting)


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When - Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 2:00pm - 6:00pm


Where - Aquarium Design Group

3520 S Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77047


This month we will be detailing ornamental dwarf shrimp species at Aquarium Design Group! We will be covering the Caridina, Neocaridina, and Sulawesi types along with some of the others we see in the hobby. We will have Travis Parkening, Tim Bell, and Josh Phuong Nguyen as guest speakers. We will be diving deep into the tricks to be successful with these and discuss the lineages and what they all mean. It will be an amazing event that is not to be missed. We will have Texas Aquatics, LLC, Greater Houston Aquarium Club, and South Texas Area Shrimpers combining to make this the dwarf shrimp event for our area!


 All our meetings are free to the public and everyone is welcome. If you are in the Houston area or are interested in making a road trip, this will be a huge event. ADG is owned by Mike and Jeffery Senske (Internationally recognized aquascapers and judges) and their store is simply amazing.


Here is the Facebook event page in case anyone here is interested and hit me up if you need any further information


Roy Williams President of GHAC (Greater Houston aquarium Club)

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