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I believe this is why they recommend soaking in buffer after the prime step.

Sorry for necroing but answers would be appreciated :(


I soaked in buffer this time. Got Neutral Regulator.


Placed into tank and yet again, dropping pH.


Would love to hear from those who recharge purigen and if there's a change in pH


Did some searching myself and ofc, Seachem doesn't provide any useful info...





Still don't get how Purigen is inert yet altering pH...

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May I suggest using Seachem alkaline buffer and acid buffer to finalize the recharge process?  These are both non phosphate based buffers unlike neutral regulator.  I don't have trouble with PH swings with regenerated purigen at all.


Seachem acid and alkaline buffer


All of the steps below are much easier if you use one of the reusable coffee maker filter screens the biggest size you can find.  This makes it so easy to rinse well and prepare for storage.  See this one, and the handle on top of it is even better.


Coffee Filter


1) Soak in regular household bleach with no scent additives or any other additives of any kind.  This is very important.  Soak for 24 hours, but stir the solotion of bleach and Purigen periodically when you can.


2) Rinse very well in RO water.  If you use tap with chlorine, add some prime to the next step 3.


3) Add the ratio of acid buffer to alkaline buffer that matches the aquariums ph you intend to use it in.  Instructions for this ratio are on the back of both bottles.  I use 1 teaspoon as a starting point so there is a powerful mix of buffer to infuse into the Purigen.  Soak for at least 24 hours. Stir the mix periodically.


4)  You may rinse this mix in RO water, which is best. If not, put the purigen into the filter, reactor, or whatever you use for purigen right away, or store it in the original bottle drained of excess water.  If you use tap water for this step add prime to the aquarium directly, or make a bowl of tap and prime water to rinse it before you store it.


Never let purigen dry out!  Never use slime coat additives as it will foul the purigen.


Hope this helps.



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