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Fissidens Indentification


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hi there.. for identification, or at least giving it a try, you need directly stems for identifying it via microscope. on facebook i have a page called fissidens kingdom. i just managed getting acces to a historical collection of about 20 scientifically determined fissidens maybe more, i will post them the following weeks more images with these and more information. without direct microscopical study one have to say clearly that real scientific ID is imposiible. there are many species and several of these have some subspecies where ID goes up to cell form/dimension/positioning.

i consider that is in about the highest skills in biology to be able to determine mosses.


i am also pretty sure that with all the work i am doing, several species i will have to reconsider and catalogue them maybe in another direction/species. it is really extreme.


i also have to say it clearly i do not see in the upper pictures anything that resembles to fissidens species i know.

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It's very cute moss. I forgot to say that earlier.

I am a little insane about nomenclature. My boss keeps calling the cotton top tamarins "the little marmosets" and you have no idea how much it bugs me.

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I have submerged some to see how the growth changes and if it will help to identify the type. PA does have several types of native fissidens. I've been keeping an eye out for a while! I still haven't found any in the creek back in the woods behind my house!


Thanks for the feedback guys!

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