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Blue Rili and friends


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I figured instead of starting random topics on the board about new shrimp I get/breed I would make use of this lovely journal area and update here instead! 


I have a 10 gallon tank that is currently full of Rilis. My favorite girl is a lovely Blue Rili. Her tank mates  are mostly red,a few that are almost clear,  a few with a blue tinge to the clear areas and yesterday I went back to my rili supplier to see what he had and grabbed a blue male, and a couple of almost clear males. The male isn't nearly as blue as my girl but has a darker patch on his tail. The "clear" boys are interesting because when I picked them out in their aquarium they were very clear looking, but since putting them in my tank yesterday all sorts of red dots have popped out on them! I've had dramatic color changes happen before when bringing new shrimp home.. it's always a surprise when you pick one thing out in the store and give it a couple weeks at home and it looks completely different! Im curious to see if my blue male will get bluer now at home. 


I've been watching my suppliers tank and have noticed a very interesting transition in his stock as it breeds. When I first started buying from him, they were all very vibrant reds. Then I noticed a few blues and "clear" looking ones pop up, and now his stock is almost half or more "clear" with a few blues and about 1/4 with a lot of red. Obviously the trend in the genetics it towards less and less red. Will be interesting to see if that happens with my stock too over time. Im hoping now that i have a blue male and female that I will be getting more blues! 


Here are some pics: 


















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