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Most accurate liquid ph test kit?

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API works well. Seachem has a great line too. They both test the same for me. So that is the only way I can compare them. I don't have a PH meter calibrated to a solution, so it is hard to tell how on they are. They do however give the same exact ph that a lab tested my neighbors well water at. I tested their water to compare.

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Thanks for the info Maurice. :)  ADA ph test kits are hard to come by in the US.


It is the same one that comes with their drop checker.  you can get it separately as well.  Aqua Forest carries them


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I got the Elos kit once. Pricey and not a big improvement over API - I have more trouble with liquid colorimetric tests than dry ones. I always get colors that don't look like anything printed on the card. I need to check my probe or I'd check them all against each other.

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