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Question for those with 40 gallon breeders

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I bought a glass top at Petco during $1/gallon when I purchased my 40B.  I think it was an Aqueon, but I'm not 100% positive.  I think it was just north of $30.  Something like this:




I have little to no evaporation, and the back plastic can be cut (I used a Dremel) to fit anything that needs to extend into the tank.

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I do the same as shrimple minded and get the glass canopy tops.  I have always found it to be  a cheap solution so I guess expensive is all in who is looking at it.   For a cheaper solution you can make your own glass top .  Do a search on this forum.  There is a string about building a do it yourself top for cheaper than buying it. 

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I will be moving to this material over the winter.  Some tanks will get a solid sheet, others will have the front glass lid section replaced.  If you keep it away from hot lights, it doesn't warp.  A friend of mine has used this material for years and years without replacement.  It is easy to cut and drill. 





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