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SKA Shrimps Livestock list (Canada only)

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See link below for our current livestock list



Ships from Calgary, AB



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livestock list updated!

lots of new stuff arrived over the past few weeks including some nice wild shrimps!


Laos Mountain Tiger Shrimps




th_SKA-2220080_zpsujazm9qh.jpg th_SKA-2220065_zpsluvvid4f.jpg  th_SKA-2220027_zpsey5mcasg.jpg th_SKA-2020128_zpsjfaerm6c.jpg th_SKA-2020125_zps6mswm9gw.jpg th_SKA-2020122_zpsudujsvd5.jpg th_SKA-2020107_zpsr2pfathc.jpg th_SKA-2020097_zpsqldtmhmd.jpg


These are a wild type tiger shrimp from Laos but ID on these are a bit of a mystery. Based on what we can tell they are very similar (or could be) what the Germans call "Tupfel Shrimps" aka the wild form of Tangerine Tigers & Aura Blue Tigers (Caridina Serrata). Others have suggest that these are C.cantonensis. Regardless they are a great looking wild type tiger shrimps with a clear bodies with a spotted tiger pattern - most are clear, while some have a reddish or light blue hue.



Galaxy Tiger Shrimps




th_SKA-2220098_zpswy8z8vky.jpg th_SKA-2220125_zpsxal7k0uv.jpg th_SKA-2220120_zpsef3qubhq.jpg



Blue Velvet Neocaridinas (mixed grade)




th_SKA-3030453_zpsw9vay1pw.jpg  th_SKA-3030491_zpsu4qu1p5p.jpg th_SKA-3030497_zpsousaqqtm.jpg th_SKA-3030499_zpsmg1zozcp.jpg th_SKA-3030408_zpskf7sobe6.jpg


We got in just got in a shipment of mixed grade Blue Velvets; some are the standard (normal grade) blue velvets with a light blue colour while others have a medium to dark blue that is quite close to blue dream grade! 

Green Jade Neocaridinas




th_SKA-3030363_zps1x9byh79.jpg th_SKA-3030361_zpskctflyca.jpg



Coming soon


A couple of teaser shots of the two Pure Black Line we been working on for the last while what will be released soon...




th_SKA-2280249_zpswfbrpnpp.jpg th_SKA-2280219_zpsixzszn0r.jpg


SKA Pure Black Line - Been working on these guys for the past couple years; they have nice thick shell and we got them to the point where most of the offsprings look very similar to their parents (no-entry pattern).




th_SKA-2280326_zpsrouldpp5.jpg th_SKA-2280348_zpsmq4i0zpk.jpg th_SKA-2280326_zpsrouldpp5.jpg th_SKA-2280309_zps48rhbsly.jpg


SKA Japanese Black Bee Shrimps - These are F1's from the Benibachi Japanese Black Bee shrimps (the adults in the photos) we imported last year.   This line is still very young and been throwing out a variety of different patterns including mosura

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Wow those Laos mountain shrimp and galaxies look amazing! Hope they make their way to the states some day. Just curious what are the water parameters of those two shrimp?


Wild caught tigers generally like slightly acidic, soft water similar to bee shrimps as long as the PH is not too low.  They do like lower temperatures though, so in line with other tiger shrimps


ph: 6.4 ~ 6.8

gh: 3-6

kh: 0-1

temp: ~ 22C

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Still not shipping to the US. I would love to buy some of those Lao's tigers.


Hi Vpier, 

Sorry, only shipping them within Canada

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