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I have

10 PRLs

5 CRS-sss

5 BKK-Panda 

3 breeds are separated by 2 breeding box and 1 main tank


they are moulting but no berried shrimps for the past 2 weeks. 

Only seen 2 male PRLs dance but none mated with a female


Parameter as follows

PH 6.2-6.5

TDS 110-130

GH 4-5

KH 0-1

Ammonia <0.02ppm on my seachem chart

nitrite 0

nitrate 20ppm but its planted tank


food source: self sustaining tank with biofilm and moss

treats: organic raw spinach or mulberry leaves once a week.

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Parameter seem right. Got a tank shot. Seems minimally populated so they should breed.

Are they eating well? Try to throw in a small piece of shirakura 1/4 stick. Also can crush a snail for protein and see if they attack that.

Many reasons why shrimp don't breed and die.

Things I've encountered I the past.

Too much plant matter full carpet of foreground plant Monte Carlo, too much plant decay. Stick with misses and ferns for shrimp tanks.

Leeching rocks, shrimp not happy. Careful with Aquascape stones.

Old soil. Time to change. Think they put a 2 yr life on soil. Losses buffering capacity.

Bad batch of eco complete. Massive die off.

After treatment of fenbendozole, microbes died or too much dead planarian accumulation of waste.

Cleaning out sponge filter with tap water, always clean it out with tank water.

So on and so forth.

I do notice males like to dance after water change. 10-20%. Conditioned Ro water.

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they are eating well.


my soil are 2 weeks old. 


the rocks were taken from my friend tank which his prls and crs are breeding. 


the tank are covered in jap hair grass. bonsai drift wood with christmas moss. i have done water change just last week. so far only 2 danced.

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