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my new pinto mischlings

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Here are a couple of pics of the latest addition to my Pinto Mischling program.  These came from a

dedicated breeder close to me. He is getting more and more solid Pinto offspring from these Mischlings.


I wanted to add some to my own program, and these are some of them. I will be adding a lot more in the New Year from different sources.  The bigger female had just released eggs recently and is ready to breed again, so keeping fingers crossed I will be lucky.


I am going to shoot for increased body white and legs in the next few generations.





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Nothing much to share.  Tank is Fluval Ebi with 2 sponge filters (the double kind) a piece of cholla wood, and the rest is moss and java fern and a stalk of bamboo.  I have RO water in this tank and don't do any water changes just topups with only water conditioner and a little Fluval Mineral for shrimps....that's it.  I just added a heater this week because the temp in the room was very cold.


They have been living in this tank for 2 months now.  I lost almost all of my shrimps when I moved and these were the remaining 6 that survived.  I just added a few more to keep them happy.  Once my 10 gallon is cycled they will be moved into this tank which

is planted. 

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