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Need Funds - Quick Sale Fissidens sp. "geppi"


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I need funding for an aquarium rack setup and was hoping the community can help me out.

This is one of my favorite fissidens and I have been hoarding it for quite some time. If you do decide to pick some up I'm certain it will be one of your favorites. I have a lot (a lot) so it's unlikely you can buy it all. Please don't ask me how much I have, instead let me know how much you need!!! The deal will move a lot faster.

This species is slower growing with thicker fronds than fissidens sp. "fontanus". Side by side comparison in picture below.

Growing conditions/parameters: 2 bps CO2, aquasoil, no ferts. This species is very tolerant of H2O2 treatment for algae. You can probably do a 30 sec dip without harming the plant or direct H2O2 spraying out side of water works well.

Creates great hiding spaces for small fry and shrimplet because of the thick ridged fronds. It can be tied or glued on to rock or wood.


- $10 a golf ball - 1st class shipping is $3 or priority shipping for $6

- $30 for 3 golf balls - free first class shipping or priority shipping for $3

- $50 for 5 golf balls- free priority shipping

- $100 for 12 golf balls - free priority shipping (I am not sure why you would need this much... I guess a group buy is possible)

I will keep track of each golf ball purchased. The buyers name will be entered into a drawing. Like raffle tickets, my son will randomly draw 3 names (If you are extremely lucky it's will be possible to win more than once). I have a lot geppi so the sale will probably go into next year. If I contact you in a couple of months, please don't ignore my pm like junk mail, I will give you a week to claim the prize.

The prizes will be:

- 10(+1) PRL = $50
- 1 Fissidens sp. miroshaki = $25
- 3 Uncommon Moss = $36
- free priority insulated shipping with heat pack = $12

Disclaimer: I have mini rams snails, Malaysian Trumpet Snails, some bba in my tanks. No scuds, no planaria in my tanks.

Thanks for the Support and Good Luck with the Raffle!



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