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Altum Aquatic Shrimp and Plant Aquarium substrate

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Awesome Han, keep us updated! And yea it seems like there isn't much for buffering substrate out there, at least to my knowledge. I have brightwell ready for one tank and wanted to try something for my other tank. I was also thinking about ADA soil but i like taking the road less traveled, so i was ready to buy some fluval stratum but came across this. Seems like thats about it since controsoil is no longer available.

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For an up incoming brand and product it should be less (nano air pump and soil).  How many liters would you say it is?  The two units of measurements are not comparable.  With all the trouble with control soil now arising and the company brand going down.  I'd be hesitant to be the first, especially if the price is not substantial. 


Keep us updated Han.  Glad some one has the cajones. 

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Im using this stuff right now and its buffering great.




My tank cycled in 3 weeks with a couple of seeded sponges and this soil.  My TDS at first was off the charts

at 450, but today 2 weeks later its at 196

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