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Is my water suitable for shrimp?


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Hi, I recently set up my 10 gallon tank. It's been running for around 6 days, I'm yet to see if it's cycled because I got some test strips from pets at home and turns out they're rubbish + they don't test ammonia. I'm getting the API Master Test Kit instead of those though, my mum says she'll only be able to order it in a couple of days when she gets enough money, until then I'm stuck with nothing to test my ammonia with.

Other than that the tank is doing pretty well, I used my last test strip today to test the tank, here are the readings:

GH - 180

KH - 40

pH - 7.0

Nitrites - 0

Nitrates - 40

(I will update the ammonia above when I get the test kit)

Are all of these suitable for shrimp?

Also, I didn't test for a few days, I literally only tested the day I set it up, yesterday & today (I did it twice today because I messed the first one up, the pack only comes with four) so I don't know if I missed the cycle or what? Once I get the ammonia readings will I be able to tell its cycled?

Thanks in advance :)

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you'll also need api gh/kh test...that's not in the master kit.


when you get the master kit,test your tap water for nitrate.

if that's 40 ppm for nitrate,that's your tap water...it's no good to use.


it takes like 3 weeks to cycle a tank.


Loumeer,they're ppm

GH - 180 ppm = ~10 dgh
KH - 40 ppm = ~2-3 dkh

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