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Raising pH

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What can I do, if anything, to naturally raise the pH in my shrimp tank?  I have alkaline buffer from seachem, but I have no scale or anything like that to do exact measuring.  It was suggested to me that I just put in a pinch, straight in to the tank.  This sounded rather iffy to me so I haven't done anything.


Ideally I just want to drop something into the tank & forget it.  Let 'nature' take care of it.  I'd rather have a laissez-faire approach to shrimping if possible!  :)


Getting into the whole chemical-balancing stuff is very confusing; seems like lots of chances for making mistakes.  :/


The tank is a 9 gallon Aquastyle, several inches of substrate and heavily planted.

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Test this product in a fish safe bucket first start withNeutral water (7.0 P.H.) per teaspoon and work up from there.

Read the ingredients as well, look them up on a Google search to educate yourself, what is these ingredients do?

(please post the exact name of the product your using too), which Seachem? as there are alot of products made by them.

Do the math with your water amount too once you test it in the bucket per gallon which you could do per one gallon tests. How does it react from a 7.0 p.h.starting point on up, per teaspoon? or 1/2 ts. Sounds like this product it a variable one and that's a good thing.,flexible as there are no pre-measured doses.

Only raise it in .5 to 1.0 p.h. increments per day.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) will raise P.H. as well...

What is the substrate your using too? Any rock in there??? wood?

Why are you needing to raise it anyhow??? What type of shrimp are they & are they doing good now??

Who says you need to raise it and what is it (P.H.) right now before you mess with it???  :sick:

Please add more info to help... just take your time, don't rush things as mother nature didn't happen overnight, right?  

Learn it as aquarium chemistry is quite fun once you get the hang of it! We're here to help fellow Aquarists

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Hi there.


Basically if you have no tests, then you do not know what your current pH is. If you have a well maintained tank, meaning it is free of toxins and an inert substrate,  your pH should naturally go into the over 7.0 regions. So...why raise it further? If you just want to keep neocaridinas and have a laid back approach to keeping shrimps there should be no reason to be concerned with this types of things. And if you decide for whatever reason to do so - make sure to do it very carefully, and have the means to check the occurring changes on a daily basis.



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I was told that crushed coral will raise pH.  I put some in a bag in with the media in my HOB filter.  I started out with just 1 tsp, testing the pH every other day, and will increase the coral amount gradually.  I think some folks just add the crushed coral to their substrate. 


I'm using RO water and the pH tests at about 6 to 6.2 out of the unit, so depending on the shrimp you have I can see why someone would want to raise their pH

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