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Caridina serratirostris

Shrimp lady

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Does ANYONE here have any experience with this species??? Need help for breeding and not much info out in there, no biotope or breeding specifics.

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you are taking about the Ninja shrimps?





I have some in my tanks; color range from red to brown to blue / black, depending on their surroundings and mood.  Very shy; will spend most of their time hiding in the plants.  Similar to Amano shrimps in that their offsprings require brackish water to survive.


Seems pretty hardy, I keep mine in neocaridina parameters using just tap water and inert sand and room temperature.  

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Yes, ninja shrimp were did you acquire these? What is the market price & have you ever bred them and had larvae survive?

I have visited every site I could find but still is not what I'm seeking as for specific husbantry.

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I got them from one of wholesale suppliers; they are readily available in the wild shrimp trade but are not very popular here so not many shops carry them.  I haven't focus on breeding them but if you want to do it, the process is similar to amano shrimps.





larvae are born in freshwater but must be transfer to brackish / salt water after they are born.  you will than need to slowly adjust salinity of the water to freshwater

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Interesting...I will give it a try. Thanks, yes your right they're not available in the U.S. but got lucky and found a shop near me who gets them as bye-catches as surplus.

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I wanted to continue this topic and add a few pics of my new 5.5G. I set-up ove rthe weekend. I have never done anything like this but are very thrilled to give this adventure a try.

I have added in coral substrait I got from a local fish shop that's in the process of relocating and stopped in to ask for a scoop of this from their salt tanks. I got lucky as one employee had just removed a 5 gallon buckets worth from the remaining tanks that still had substrait still in them. I ended up with a 20+ Lb. bag + 1 gallon of salt water. I got it home and added it the tank and measured the salinity with a hydrometer I had on hand already. This one measures down to 1.001 S.G. but will be barrowing a refracto-meter next week (never seen one of these before) let alone used one!

Anyhow in this coral substrait t I discovered after the water had cleard the next morning there is all sorts of neat little critters in it including different  snail types, 1 hermit crab (it's in the black shell), a few piling worms (dead), and cool looking flat snails (lots of these). There's even bits of what looks like kelp like plant pieces, one is red the other green. Here is a few pics but is not complete for now... I could ude some idea's for small, low growing simple plants like grasses or? No shrimp will be added for now but did put in a few Horned nerites.






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