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How long until baby shrimplets are comfortable to come out?


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My berried Mischling has had some babies about five days ago and I have only spotted one CRS baby (or so I presume), but I haven't seen it since. This is my first batch of newborns, so I was wondering what their growth rate was and how long until they find it comfortable to come out of hiding. My tank has a dense moss wall in the back, some cholla and a large almond leaf. All of this in a 10g makes for a really crowded tank haha.

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Depends on several factors fme, if it's a shrimp only tank quicker of course, size of tank and amount of vegetation, intensity of light might be another consideration.


In general within days you should seem them, first one, air punch, as some are bolder than others, then you might see three and within a couple of days a dozen or more, then you play the daily counting game for the next week or two until the novelty and excitement calms down. Before long you are not only counting but trying to work out the grades.. :)

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