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Color pinto eggs


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So it's my third time my pinto mama is berried! This time it's strange, her egg colors her last 2 batches were kind of a dark green/ bluish. Now it's just straight up bright orange. The orange is like the berried royal blue tiger Lexinverts had a picture of for his auctions. I will be happy to see a reason why the eggs have changed. The first time she was berried, she mated with a pinto. The second time she was berried, she mated with a blue bolt, and now I don't know who she mated with, I have blue bolts, shadow pandas, 1 mosura bkk, and german spotted pintos. But I doubt the german spotted they mated with her due to being about juvie age. Except for one of them. Thanks!

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Here are some pictures, sorry that they are bad and blurry. Iphone camera sucks, or maybe some of the brown stuff on the tank surface. Too sacred to scrape it off and put my hand in since my shrimps are doing well. The couple last pictures are the shadow pinto babies, they look way bluer in person than the picture. I have more, but they are hiding in the moss and in dark places where I couldn't get good pictures. The big pinto is the mama.










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