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caridina shrimplets die at an age of 4+ weeks.....?


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hi guys,


normally i don't ask questions but rather give advice but in this case i need advice cause this never happend to me.......


i have a 60 cm tank filled with plants/mos, akadama soil, oxydator, shrimpletproof filter so on.......


now this is my problem,


i do often get berried taiwan bee and mischlings when the shrimplets are born i have a 90+ % rate of survival in the first 4 weeks. i know this due to spotting them all over the leaves and soil :)

but after the 4 weeks when they are big enough to spot them from a mile away :P they start dissapearing.... :(   first i did not noticed it but slowly but surely i spotted less and less shrimplets.

i still have 90+ % survival rate with the new born shrimplets but when they get older (1 month) they start dissapearing....

now my question is what can be the problem here?


i feed them with dust pellets and have always catappa leaves in my tank as i always did/do in my other tanks where i dont have any problems?

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Your TDS is 186 when converting from your 290 Microsiemens. You need to lower your TDS slowly if that is the case.

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The breeder where i had bought it from he kept them also on 300 microsiemens as proof he had measured it in front of me so i kept my parameters same as he did.....

How low do you want me to go? 250 microsiemens?

This is weird causy my other taiwan bee tanks dont have problems with 300 microsiemens :(

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Maybe feeding is not the issue and it is water parameters , but I have upped my survival of tb babies by injecting very small amounts of shrimp fine baby feeds , I mix Csf. Shrimp baby and Bebi into a little tank water , I have a 20 mm syringe with a 12 inch small diameter straw size plastic pipe and I spread it over various places , once per day for 3 days then miss a day , each feed in total is very small but it targets feeding areas and without doubt it's working .

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