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lowering TDS and gh

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Any suggestions? I use rodi water remineralized with SS+ for my TB/crs tank. I think i got a little aggressive with the SS+ mix for the last few water changes because the tds and the gh have crept up in the tank. I think i figured out that one of my mixing buckets is only 4 gallons when i had been mixing for 5 gallons which all my other buckets are. I know i should have tested the tds and gh before using it but i thought i had gotten the mix ratio pretty steady and could trust it. Wont make that mistake again. Anyways onto my question.

I want to lower the tds and gh a bit as tds is currently at 200. Now should i just remove some water and replace it with straight rodi water? Or do water changes with a rodi remineralized to a tds a bit lower than my target tds?

Should it be down incrementally over a few days or all at once. I cant decide which way to go. Thanks for any help.

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Lower with pure Ro, with the safest not more than 40 TDS at a time.

Thanks Soothing. Looks like I have my project for tonight. Fortunately the shrimp dont seem too stressed by it other than a lack of breeding.
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I have done the same thing, especially when testing new remineralizers. This usually happens to me when mixing, so I simply add Pure RODI water to my container, and retest until satisfied.

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