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Red tiger orange eye, and orange eye no stripe.

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I bought some tiger shrimp a while ago from someone as regular tiger shrimp but they told me they had a mix of genetics, they threw in one male red tiger into the mix and I only had one very large super tiger female before I bought these shrimp. Some breeding has been going on and now I have some that are red tigers, some red tigers with orange eyes and even some that came out with no stripes and orange eyes. Very interesting indeed! Has anyone ever seen a no stripe orange eyes? I have seen a few photos of red tiger orange eyes. Luckily I have a few very cycled 2.5 gallons ready to go for selective breeding and these shrimp should be breeding age soon. Also, some came out looking like regular tigers with orange eyes. Which one seems most interesting? 

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From what I can see it looks like a low grade red tiger (low because the stripes are not as defined in red)  The ones with the orange eyes can be OEBT blondes (orange eyed blue tigers without the blue color, but still carrying the genetics to produce blue)   You should see some cool looking babies coming out of it...then you can separate the nice colored ones and breed them on to create better patterns down the line.


Congrats on the berried female.

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I had some oranges with no stripes in my moss green line of tigers. I suspect now that the green is a genetic combo between blue and orange, together with the right amount of both you get forest green. These were all from my green line. I got the green color constant, the orange and blue was like a handful in hundreds of shrimp. 








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