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Molting problem


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My blue Neocaridina have a molting problem. The exo sceleton is stuck on its legs. I read that water GH is too high in that case. Is my water parameter OK? And to I need to add some minerals more to RO water besides GH/KH+?


I use Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ and RO water

Aquarium 20L

temp 25 C

TDS 290 ppm

GH 8

NO3 0ppm

NO2 0ppm

NH4 0ppm



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GH is okay, but at the high end which can cause hardening of the shell and molting issues. Probably not that tho because you're in range. What is your KH and pH? These can be a factor in shrimp mortality after molting.

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How long has the tank been setup? Are you using any supplements, and whats your feeding regime?

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