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Sulawesi Rabbit Snail sensitivity

Bongo Shrimp

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Hey everyone,


I have been wanting to get into keeping some rabbit snails but was wondering if they are as picky about water parameters as their sulawesi shrimp friends. I have toyed with sulawesi shrimp before and despite my best efforts, I failed and discovered just how sensitive they are. I'm working on getting a sulawesi tank set up but if the snails are less sensitive I might have a tank that would suit them in the mean time (its close to sulawesi parameters but not close enough for the shrimp).

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I have kept both Rabbit snails and Cardinal shrimp, and the snails are not nearly as sensitive as their legged counterparts. You may want to be aware that they can host leeches and those can be challenging to eradicate. Think 'nerite care' when housing/rearing rabbit snails.



Tankful in Vancouver!

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