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Problem with crs


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Hi there i keep crs in two 30 liters tanks.

Setup in both tank is the same.

Water parameters are  the same , all is the same.

My water parameters  are.

Kh 0

Gh 5

Tds 130

Ph 6.4

Light is 30watt t8 for the 2 tanks.

Filter eheim liberty 2040, with sponge filter on the inlet and sera filter media with pumice stone.

No3 keep it at 5 -10.


Minerals salty shrimp gh + ro water, substrate is  akadama.


The problem is only in one tank, i have deaths, every day i found 2-3 shrimp dead.

There are a lot of babys in there, all of the sizes.

I found dead not only olders but youngers.


I think all it start, after remove one plant, blyxa japonica.

So its a bacterial infection?

I cant understand.


I try big water changes. 

Clean filter.

Add salty easy filter.

Clean substrate, and add some new akadama on the top.


I cant find what it cause it , its something that poison them.

Any ideas?

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How old are these two tanks?

Tank run about 2 years..

But i change and add  some new akadama every 6-8 months.

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