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I blanche the Zucchini (baby marrow) for thirty to forty seconds in the microwave. Although the shrimp jump on it immediately they seem to prefer it as a food on days two and three once it has started breaking down. As soon as bits start breaking off I try to remove it slowly with a net. Prior to blanching I scrape off all the seeds, as the shrimp don't seem to eat this and it very quickly messes up the tank. I simply attach a slice of Zucchini to a plastic clothes peg on a string so easy to get in and out without messing in the tank. It also makes a good snail trap. 

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Ah, I wish I had thought of this!!


Thanks to both of you for your advice!

Meant to also say that I add a stainless steel nut to the string and peg as a weight. I would not leave it in for more than two to three days, as by day three to four is starts to disintegrate.

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