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Is this a sign of bacterial infection


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I notice some of my tbs have what looks like a little ball of fluff on there front legs , it's more readily seen in my red wines , yet the shrimp look healthy , I also noticed in a fresh moult what looks like a yellow substance , I am maybe being paranoid as few months back I was losing one or 2 some days , but there breeding like rabbits and survival of babies is high , any thoughts .

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Defo not vorticello , I will try and get a photo but it won't be easy it's a very heavy aquascaped tank, all parameters are perfect , active soil, ph 6.2 , gh 6 maybe 5" Kh 1 maybe 0 , ammonia 0 , nitrite 0 and nitrate 5 , breeding is great and baby survival excellent , but every 10 days or so I have one or sometimes 2 deaths could be more that's hidden

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