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Kiwi's Fish Breeding (Livebearers)


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I have a trio of blood red swordtails and 3 pairs of real red eyed albino red finned guppies coming in this week. I have two tanks set up for them. I am going to be breeding them, with the goal of producing colorful offspring worthy of selling to other breeders. To do this I will need to take excellent care of them, have pristine water conditions, feed them right, etc. Having kept demanding shrimp I feel up to it but fish are just so different. I have cared for a lot more shrimp than i have fish. I will post pictures when they arrive this Wednesday. I am very excited!



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Yes, tanks are cycled. I currently am running DIY canister filter 596 gph with 2 gallons of Seachem Matrix media in the main tank for biological filtration, plus a sponge  filter. In the fry tank I have 2 cycled sponge filters going.


The main tank is a 30 gallon tall (it's what I had) while the fry tank is a ten gallon. I am buying some frogbit and duckweed today for cover.

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