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PRL shrimp had shrimplets what now ?


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Hi, after waiting a Looooong time for any shrimplets my PRL -CRS finally had a few shrimplets ! They are TINY ! My question is I have a lot of moss in my tank I had about 5 berried shrimp mostly at once this is the first time they are berried do you think more than the 5   I see are in the tank ? I need to do a redo on the tank should I wait until they are older ? About how old are they when you can see their adult colors I see that now but small! thank you .



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I never had PRL crystals but what I see from my mischlings you can see them more after 2-3 weeks. I'm not sure when you can see how good their white/red coverage is. I'll wait at least a month when you can see the babies and catch them all and then redo the tank.

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Congratulations!! From my experience I usually try to wait to make changes in a tank even as little as trimmings when shrimplets are just born. Simply because they are hard to see, and are extremely fragile at this point. Wait a few weeks until they are juveniles and try to time your change between berried shrimp and these berried shrimp having shrimplets.

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