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bruh you must watch this....


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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....... i am bored watching the tank and taking some photo's and look what happened.. lmao I was not expecting this!


taking some photo's




and then i noticed something....


i hope you like it, i did for sure :P

by the way.. you can clearly see eggspot at the back of it!
















ok from now on i decided to film it.. (i bet yall be thinking finally :P )

but how do i add a video ?


i have also some rescue photo's after but i will be posting it later on first the video otherwise it won't make sence what i am trying to rescue :) 

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here is a small video of the molting.. (i acidently clicked stop instead of zooming)

i have also a 5 min. video of the molting which is the best part of the molting but it takes a while to upload it to youtube (20 min..)




i also had this picture 


i present to you ugly joe.. 



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ok here it is :)


do you guys see what i see stuck in the shell?


mission rescue 2 unborn baby's has been operational for 1 hour now.. they have been succefully rescued and are now resting in the OK-complex. more news in the next upcoming days! :P


tip: don't listen to the audio.. (trust me haha )


ps: sorry for shaking.. i was staying uncomfortable and my back was hurting.. :( 


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  • 2 weeks later...

sorry for the late post but for members who are curious how it ended to the 2 eggs which where stuck in the shell..

so let's keet it started....


now seperate it without damaging the eggs :)



now put it on the uitput of your filter..... 1 day later voila 2 baby's ! 


and the mom is already carying the next generation! haha


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