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Shipping with long life breather bags


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Hi, I have shipped guppies-shrimp with poly bags with good results . I had this week some bloody mary shrimp shippeong life d from NYC to Arizona where I live . The seller used priority with no heat pack, the shrimp were in a long life breather bag tied in a not with insulation -wall like from home depot . He shipped Monday , I didn't get them until Saturday! I talked to the postal worker and told her what happened, she said tell me if there alive and they are ! Stressed a lot of course but alive I just hope they don't die in the next few days? Can any explain the long life bag ? I thought the bag needs some air around it to expel the ammonia buildup ect but he had them tightly wraped in the insulation.. thanks..

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the bags don't rely on oxygen in the bag.

oxygen is exchanged through the bag.

maybe that's why they call them breather bags.  :P

don't know how it works,but it does.


if they were deprived of oxygen,most likely they would be all dead when you got them,maybe even if it was a 2 day delivery.

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Not 100% sure but guessing it is somewhat like Gore-Tex waterproof fabric.  Molecule's are so small that pores in in fabric (bags) allow the exchange of gasses, while the larger water molecules cannot pass thru.  ,,,,Mike

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