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Tetra veggie algae wafers xtreme for neos?

Mr. F

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Hey all,

I was feeding my blue dream neos earlier and dropped in a small chunk from the green center (before I knew the whole thing was veggie) of a "tetra veggie xtreme" algae wafer.

If you're familiar with these, you'll recognize them as the 1/2" disks with a tan edge and green center. Plecos love them, which is why I have a huge bag of them, but apparently so do neos! After a couple of minutes of dropping it in the tank, almost all of my shrimp and new shrimplets I hadn't even seen before!

I was wondering if there is too much protein in these for regular feeding of neos? The bag says crude protein is 30%, but I wondered if it is plant/algae based, is it as bad for them as fish based? The list of ingredients show that it is in fact vegetarian.


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