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TDS not stable in tank

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TDS will rise as water evaporates because the solids in the water become more concentrated. However you may notice a higher TDS when you top off your water to the original level. This is because TDS will rise over time as a natural part of aquarium processes; solids produced in waste, extra food, etc, dissolve in the water. The best way to keep TDS down is to perform water changes regularly.

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As Mr. F said, as water evaporates everything that comprises TDS (Minerals, Nutrients, Waste, Organic Matter, Etc.) remain in the water column and/or shrimp tank. This means TDS will slowly rise simply because of evaporation, now in a perfect world if you were to replace that evaporated water with 0 TDS RODI water you would end up with the same TDS prior to evaporation. Unfortunately, TDS will rise even without evaporation simply because of the additional waste shrimp, plants, food, etc will produce. 


As Mr. F eluded water changes are your friend and even those 0 TDS top-offs will help you bring back your TDS to a comfortable level. The small fluctuations from 120 TDS to a 127 TDS over a week or two's time won't cause any dramatic effects. Just be sure to monitor from time to time and take your time when performing these water changes and top offs.

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Thanks for the great information! I guess I need to stop being lazy and start performing regular water changes.

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Yes. Definitely do. Your shrimp will thank you.
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