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Upstate Blizzard Shrimp Food


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100% Organic, Made & Grown in the U.S.A Snowflake Shrimp food called "Upstate Blizzard" as it is grown and harvested in the snow belt of central New York. I have been testing this product and my shrimp seem to love it more than others that I have tried. This is great for cherry shrimp, crystal shrimp, and all freshwater shrimp.

This food will not break down in your water, doesn't change parameters or required to take out of the tank. Simply drop in a pellet or two and watch them come flock to the food.

Buy 3 Bags: Ships FREE

Buy 4 Bags: Ships FREE + 1 Free bag

Price: $6.25 Sale and shipping deal

Weight: 60g bags

Shipping: $2.60

Canada: $3.50




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Whats the price per bag?

In there now, weird it keeps condensing my posts into one like that. I'll try to edit it n my computer and see what's going on with it.

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Does anyone need some Snowflake!!! Fresh batch made and ready to go. Made in the U.S.A very good stuff. Fast shipping!

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