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Ideal water parameters for Bloody Mary, Golden Back, and CRS

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Hey guys, I have been keeping a Yellow Golden Back Shrimp, and although they do mostly well; However, I was wondering if there is a very strict, ideal water parameter for keeping and breeding these shrimps. In addition, I've set up a new crs tank and a bloody mary tank, and I was wondering what the Ideal water parameter for that would be too. 

These are what I'd like to know:

For both Neocaridina and Caridina




Also, what is the best chance of increasing the survival rate? I have been having offsprings, but I feel that less than 20% make it to adulthood. 

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Best way to increase survival rate is to be sure there is plenty of biofilm to feed the young. There are also foods specifically for baby shrimp as well as products that increase microfauna in the water.

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22 hours ago, d0pey said:

I would also like to add to do very minimal feeding with powered based food as it will contaminate the water and lower their survival rate.



thanks for the advice! also, are frequent water changes not preferable? Doing like 5-10% every 3 days or something like that. 

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My most recent water parameters were:

  • Temp: 25C
  • Light Hours per Day: 12
  • CL2: 0.4
  • NO2: 0
  • NO3: 5
  • pH: 8.0
  • GH: 20
  • KH: 17
  • TDS: 350

As you can see, my water is VERY hard and it's quite a high pH, but there isn't much that I can do about that.  It means that I'm limited to neocaridina because I don't think that any of the more exotic species of shrimp will survive in my water.


I do a 25% water change every week.  The water is plain old tap water, treated with tap safe, and I let it stand for 48h.  I do that water change slowly - 15mins to syphon water out of the tank and then another 15-mins to syphon new water into the tank.


My (blue dream) neocaridina seem to be happy with this approach, and I've just had my first offspring - three months after starting the tank and two months after adding the shrimp.  I don't feed them anything!  The algae in the tank sustains them.  I did try feeding them blanched cucumber, just to see what would happen, and they LOVED it.  But, I want them to earn their keep, so they have to eat what nature provides.

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