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Need help to start a shrimp tank


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I need help to start a 2.5 gallon tank I fail 3 tank already so this time I can't fail since shrimp hobby is not cheap at all. so I am getting 5 painted grade cherry red shrimp soon how should I set up my tank the easiest and cheapest way

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From my experience, the less stuff you add to the tank and keeping it simple the more success you will get.

One of the important factors though is your water source for setting up the tank and water changes... I would start with clean water RO or distilled with some minerals, some driftwoods, about 3 types of moss, inert substrate and sponge filter.

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Did you use the 2.5 gallon tank for the 3 previous failed attempts?  I am not saying it can't be done but because I have seen it done, but 2.5 gallons does not leave much margin for error.  You need to be careful about temp swings, feeding, removing any dead shrimp immediately and doing small water changes regularly.  

I always recommend a 10 gallon or larger as bad thing happen slower allowing you to hopefully catch, correct and continue.  With a 2.5 gallon if things go bad it could wipe out your whole colony, but I guess at least it won't be too large a colony...

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