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WTB: Mischlings and TBs for genetics project


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Hey ShrimpSpot!


I'm new here, however I'm not as new to keeping invertebrates. I was introduced to the fish keeping hobby years ago by a friend. I bred bettas for a couple years after getting into the hobby and I kept Neocaridinas for a few years and then shut down all my tanks after I moved. This year I recently set up a CRS tank and I've had them thriving with a couple BKKs for a few months now. I'm going to attempt a genetics project with an end goal of TBs (any) by crossing mischlings with TBs for a formal write up genetic experiment for the biology program I'm currently in (aka an excuse to get more shrimp and expand my horizons in shrimp genetics/breeding) :lol: 


So, I'm looking to buy some breeding-age Mischlings (preferably with trackable genetics, ie. not so long-lined that I can't have any idea of what the offspring may show) and some breeding-age TBs that I can breed the mischlings with. I don't want to use my current CRS colony to breed with the mischlings as that will weaken the possibility of TB offspring, which is why I'm looking for both TBs and mischlings. My breeding tank is already cycled and set up, and after babies are born (from misch x tb) and I've seen their phenotypes I will just let them grow and spawn with whichever shrimp they wish in the mischling/TB tank to see what cool babies pop up! 


Grades for the mischlings and TBs don't really matter to me, as long as I'll be able to distinguish their offspring. If you have mischlings for sale I'll need to know their general genetic background (aka what their offspring could look like, which TBs were in your tank that could have bred with the female that produced the mischlings). If you have BOTH mischlings and TBs that you'd be willing to sell together that would be awesome to know, too!


I am super excited to be starting this new breeding project and I may start a thread about it, although there's been a lot of interesting threads about much more complicated projects so maybe I'll just sit here with mine and be jealous of all of the really cool ones people have started on this site.  :angel:


Nice to meet you all! 





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Welcome Olliefish! Sounds like a fun project. I have Taiwan Bees for sale, normally I sell only juveniles, but I may have some sub-adults to adults that are of lower quality I would be willing to part with: 


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Welcome Ollie,   If you look in marketplace section you will see quite a few people selling.   I know Mayphly had mischlings a couple weeks ago.   His shrimp are awesome and so is he.  If he is out, I got some mischling from dreamer yoyo . I forget exactly how he spells his name here but their breeding has been PROLIFIC.   They berried within a few weeks of receiving them and havnt stopped breeding since.   I forget who else has mischlings but I know I have seen a few sales posts .  

Good luck with your project!!   Start a journal here when your project starts so we can all follow along


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