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I just received some clumps of Buce. This is a list of what i have, and pricing.  Clumps are between 1/3-3/4 full of a sandwich bag. Very nice sizes. Quantities are limited. Pm me with what you want and your email and i will invoice you. If not paid within 30 minutes they will be released back into the pool of availables. Shipping is 6.00. Buy 3 or more get free shipping. Buy 5 or more get free shipping and 1 free clump of my choice.
1. Fire rose $20
2. Brownie Firebird $22
3. Brownie Purple Rain $35 SOLD
4. Velvet type 2 $20
5. Super Mini Brownie $25 SOLD
6. Apple leaves $20
7. Super Mini $25 SOLD
8. Brownie Phoenix $25
9. Brownie Blue Rainbow $22
10. Micro Buce $25
11. Fake Flamingo $22
12. Brownie Blue Purple $20 (smaller clump)
13. Brownie Blue $25
14. Misc. Brownie $22 ( its a brownie but not sure which variation)
15. Misc Buce. $18. ( most likely a Brownie, but not certain of variation)
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