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Royal blue tigers : how to get the beautiful deepblue color ?


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Hey you all , since last december I have a group of royal blue tigers. The substrate in the tank is partly akadama (clay) and partly white sand.

I have chosen the white sand because I thought it would make the royal blue tigers better visible.

However to my opinion my RBT are much to dark (black) and not blue enough in color.

On a German forum I read that a white soil  makes them darker and a dark soil should bring the blue color more expressive.

What are the experiences that you guys have with RBT ?

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I have my oebts on black eco complete and I cant see them at all.   Unless they are moving and I happen to catch their eyes they are all but invisible and they arnt even royals. 

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I just have the lamp that came with the Pico. This is my whole tank. I've often wondered if I should do something different, but it works and my tank is thriving. This is a picture from two weeks ago after I cut back my plants a little. 


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Indeed Shrimpie123 , that's what I also read on a German forum.However I think that the type of light is also having his influence.


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