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The joy of plastic containers and other junk...

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Ok, maybe it's me.

Having been a lifelong aquarium geek, it seems that, no matter where I am- if I see some sort of plastic (or glass) container that looks like it could hold water...well, you know what I'm thinking!

"Couldn't that make an insane little killifish tank?" Or, when pondering the wide assortment of refrigerator storage containers at Bed, Bath and Beyond- "OMG- that would be the coolest microhabitat for Blue Rillies or Sparkling Gouramis!"



You know what I mean, right?

I mean, no container is off limits. Vases, flower bowls, plastic shoe boxes, sweater storage units...you name it- if it can hold water-literally- it has some potential for aquatic hobby use!


When I was a kid, I remember having to be resourceful to get a lot of "tanks" into my bedroom shelves to keep up with my ever-growing collection of killies, betas, tetras, etc., and a quick trip to the local Target or discount type store almost always yielded some cool container that would make a great aquarium! Especially important when your income is essentially zilch.


To this day, when I wander about the local hardware stores, variety stores, supermarkets even thrift shops (a great source for vases that can be repurposed for aquarium stuff!), I can't help but notice suitable stuff..and of course, I get excited and my mind wanders a bit:

"What if I just drilled the bottom of that vase...it's perfect for a________."


I am glad I've never lost that geeky fish thrill.

Do you ever do that?

Stay geeky. Stay connected to the endless possibilities for fun that this hobby offers at every turn...

And stay wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics


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12 hours ago, fishface said:

Very familiar but with dogs - when I bred and showed dogs I couldn't even casually look at a house in passing without considering the suitability for dogs :P

I think it's a testament to the creative thinking and adaptability of us all as animal lovers! :)

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